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Have You Ever Asked Questions Like These?

 Is it too late? Do I have to wait for the next crash before I buy? 

Answered in Module 1, Lesson 4

How do I know that the property provider I am working with isn’t selling me a D or F property and is just calling it C+? Module 3, Lesson 8

Who are you and why should I listen to you? Module 1, Lesson 1

The appraisal on the property I’m buying came in low. Now what? Module 4, Lesson 9

How can I tell the difference between a cash-flow market and an appreciation market? Module 1, Lesson 7

How can I know I am picking a reputable property provider to work with? Module 2, Lesson 1

What is turnkey real estate and can I do this on my own if I want? Module 2, Lessons 1 & 3

I know property management is key. How do I know I’m working with a top-notch property manager? Module 2, Lesson 4

When is the best time to buy rental properties? Module 1, Lesson 3

Should I buy C and C+ assets or stick with B, B+, and B- assets?

Module 3, Lesson 8

When picking an investment strategy should I use a bonded approach? Module 2, Lesson 7

Everyone’s pro formas are different. How can I verify that I’m comparing apples to apples? Module 4, Lesson 2

Or Questions Like These?

What qualifies as a tertiary market and are they safe to invest in?

Module 3, Lesson 3

When should I buy A or A- class assets and when do I need to avoid them?

Module 3, Lesson 8

How can I find a lender who understands investing. My local bank just doesn’t get it? Module 2, Lesson 2

What percentage of my portfolio should be in cash-flow markets? Module 2, Lesson 5

Is it possible to take advantage of both appreciation and cash flow? Module 1, Lesson 9

How do I know when to sell and when it’s time how do I get out?
Module 5, Lesson 5

I think I’m ready to buy, but all these numbers make me crazy. How do I know I’m getting a fair deal? Module 4, Lesson 1

Is a 75 year-old home too old to make a good rental property? Module 3, Lesson 6

When do I need to get a survey of my target property? Module 4, Lesson 8

Do I need to form an LLC before buying an investment property?

Module 5, Lesson 1

What insurance policies do I need to be a landlord? Module 5, Lesson 2

 If I choose to do this on my own, how can I pick a reputable contractor to manage my renovation work? Module 2, Lesson 3

Class Preview

Watch this short video to see samples of the course content and to get a feel for the topics covered.

I believe real estate investing has more opportunity for growth, passive income, and long-term wealth building than any other asset vehicle out there today.


- Jared Garfield

Here's What You Get!

Module One: Choosing the Right Markets

  • Trends: Learn How population affects Real Estate
  •  Market Cycles: Understand the Stages of the Real Estate Market
  • Timing: Learn to Know When Each Market Cycle Stage Begins and Ends
  • Strategy: Learn What Class of Assets to Buy During Each Stage of the Cycle
  • Market Types: Learn to Identify Cash-Flow, Appreciation, and Hybrid Markets

Module Two: Choosing the Right Team and Strategy

  • Real Estate: Learn How to Choose the Best Property Providers to Work With
  •  Lending: Learn How to Find Lenders With Specific Investment Lending Experience
  • Construction: Learn to Evaluate Construction Team Qualifications 
  • Property Management: Learn How to Vet Property Managers and Their Teams
  • More Strategy: Learn When to Buy in Cash-Flow and Appreciation Markets, and When to Use a Blended Strategy

Module Three: Finding the Right Opportunities

  • Primary Markets: Learn About the 15 Primary Markets in the United States 
  •  Secondary Markets: Learn About the Country's Secondary Markets and How Investors Can Take Advantage of Opportunities in These Markets
  • Tertiary Markets: Learn What Qualifies as a Tertiary Markets and Why these Often Overlooked Cities Can Be Just What Today's Investors Need
  • Property Age: How Old is Too Old? Learn How to Steer Clear of Problem Properties
  • Tenants: Learn How Different Generations Need Different Things from Rental Properties
  • Property Classes: Learn to Know for Yourself What A, B, and C Properties Look Like. No More D & F Losers Passed off as C+ Properties for You. 
  •  Expectations: Learn What to Realistically Expect from Different Property Classes

Module Four: Analyzing and Closing the Deal

  • Analyze The Numbers: Learn Understand and Analyze the Numbers Involved in a Real Estate Deal
  •  Pro Formas: Learn to Verify Pro Forma Data to Ensure You are Comparing Apples to Apples Across Providers
  • Funding: Learn About Common Alternate Funding Sources Including Life Insurance for Use in Real Estate Investing
  • Due Diligence: Learn about Home Inspections, Punch Lists, Appraisals, and When to Order a Survey
  • Remote Closings: Learn to Navigate the Remote Closing Commonly Used with Investment Properties

Module Five: I'm a Landlord! Now What?

  • Legal Entities: Learn Why protecting Your Assets with an LLC or other Legal Entity is a Smart Move and How to Get Started
  •  Insurance: Learn What Insurance is Always Recommended for Investors
  • Much More on Property Management:Learn What You Should Expect from Any Good Property Manager as Well as How to Keep Your Working Relationship Happy and Healthy
  • Exit Strategies: Learn What Exit Strategies You Should Consider When the Time is Right for an Exit

This Coaching Solution Includes:

- Five full weeks of course content

More than 7 hours of video instruction primarily from Jared himself on the topics listed above

- The 7 hours of video are divided into 45 separate videos that drive the content of each of the courses lessons.

- Investor guides, investor challenges, and various templates that you can download, print and add to your course binder

- MP3 Audio files for each lesson so that you can listen to the lessons again while you commute or complete busy work

- A private Facebook group for your class as well as long-term access to a private overall course group. You can ask questions and provide help to others using these tools.

And Last But In No Way Least: 

- 6 group coaching calls in person with Jared where you can ask questions and where Jared will share important insights into your course work.

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