Turning Crumbs into Gold: Turnkey Strategies for Low Inventory Success

July 4, 2018

Three hungry dogs are in a room with two bowls of food. Which dogs get fed? The ones who are bold enough to take the bowls.


As a real estate investor, you decide which dog you want to be. Are you the alpha who eats everything, or are you the skinny one in the corner who waits until the others have eaten their share?


Occasionally, markets dry up. Foreclosures are nowhere to be found, and turnkey providers struggle to keep up with investors’ demands. Instead of waiting for someone to throw you a bone, follow these tips to turn real estate crumbs to gold.

How Things are Changing for Turnkey Providers

Take a look at nearly any turnkey provider’s website and you’ll see a section of properties for sale. Unfortunately, the most markets are relatively dry, and that means most properties are snatched quickly, making it more difficult for you to find the right match for your needs.


Don’t worry though, there’s good news, too: Many turnkey providers have recognized that more effective ways exist, so they’re changing up their processes. Check with several providers to see how their strategies differ and learn which is best for you.

ROI Turnkey’s Strategy​

ROI Turnkey used to post properties on the website, where they’d stay for about a week. But with so many investors clamoring for so few available properties, ROI uses a tiered system—that way, serious investors have a better chance at snagging the properties they love.


If you’ve already purchased a property and are interested in buying more, you can get placed on ROI’s priority list. Often, this means you’ve already had a consultation with an advisor, set up an investment policy statement, and gotten to know the company a little better.


In other words, you’ve proven that you’re a serious investor who’s ready to purchase properties when they arise.


Still, there’s another way to get on the priority list. Just sign up for ROI’s training package, which includes, but isn’t limited to, the following benefits:

  • Five weeks of coaching (instructional videos, podcasts, and personalized tips)
  • Consultation with Garret Sutton from Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Specific trainings on hard topics like self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges
  • Access to top lenders

The program costs $1,000, which isn’t much compared to similar products at $12,000.

If you aren’t satisfied after two and a half weeks, you can drop it and get your money back. If you love it—and trust us, you will—ROI applies half the cost toward the purchase price of your next property.


Past and current clients get natural preference over new clients. If members of the first tier don’t buy a property, advisors reach out to the second tier. This way, you still have a chance of finding a property you’ll like—although it’s less likely for you than those on the priority list.


If all else fails, you can always check the website. You’ll still see a list of ROI’s current properties, and occasionally you might snag a great home.


The truth is, real estate markets are always changing. Turnkey providers are adapting to meet your needs and make it as easy as possible on your side of things. It’s challenging to get inventory, so you won’t have as many options if you’re limited to just the website.


In the end, you need to choose a turnkey provider whose strategy works for you, especially when the market is so dry. Find a company you can trust, and ultimately you can’t go wrong.



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